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Christmas Eve

So …

We are sitting with kith and kin on this Eve of all eves, waiting for the Big Guy to bring us lovely baubles and praying to all that is holy that tomorrow`s turkey and trimmings work out the way we hope they will.  Everyone is well into their libations at this point, I`ve already had a mild panic attack for some reason, and Megan and I are debating opening a really cheap (yet untried) bottle of red.  We´re kind of avoiding it, to be honest.

Joseph, Cara and Rene`s dad, took care of dinner, as he always does on Christmas Eve, which included Chicken Schnitzel, Potato Salad, and Crudités with a spicy dipping sauce.  He does this every year in keeping with his Czech heritage.  Apparently, Czechs like Schnitzel and potato salad on Christmas Eve.  And spicy dipping sauce.  (And slivovitz, if we`re being honest.)

We have plenty of Yarrunga on hand, since it has become our favourite wine, and we are now sitting in the library/den drinking a really expensive scotch (thank you, James).  The baby is running around with a tea light that runs on batteries.  She is also terrorizing the dogs.  The Dachshund (Basil) is bearing up nicely.  The retriever (Lebowski) is enjoying the toddler-leavings as she takes a bite of a cookie … and drops it on the floor; takes a bite of celery … and drops it on the floor; takes a bite of …

The “cheer” has started to make me feel somewhat sentimental and philosophical and I am debating whether to contemplate, in writing, the blessings we have all received.  There is a part of me that would like to ruminate on the fortune that has been bestowed on us, being all together, and being so healthy, and so happy, compared to so many.

But that would involve some kind of a soap box and some kind of “did I really post that last night” on my part, and I don`t really want to deal with that, tomorrow, while mashing potatoes and checking turkeys and slicing squash … es … (Squash?  Squashes?)

Instead, I will leave you all with the sincere wish that you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by loved ones, and blessed enough to be so healthy.

May your turkeys all turn out great, may your potatoes be well-smashed, and may your cups runneth over.

Until tomorrow,


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