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Three Bottles and a Wedding

This week is going to be kind of fragmented as Megan and I went to the wedding of Demian Fuentes and Maria Jose Aragón on Saturday.  Weddings are beautiful, almost always, and this one was truly remarkable.  And organized!  We were sat as soon as we arrived for the reception; Demian and Maria Jose had a kick ass intro (a slideshow on a giant screen of photos of the adorable couple doing couple-y set to U2’s live version of “All I Want Is You,” which leads into “Where The Streets Have No Name,” to which they did a lap of the room to thunderous applause); the first dance; the parents’ dance; dinner is served; dessert; Demian’s adorable dad’s speech; dancing; drunk.

Megan and I left at eleven.  This may not seem weird to many of our Canadian and American friends, but in Mexico, that simply is not done.  We left right about when people started waking up.  (Metaphorically speaking.  Everyone was wide awake for the entire wedding.)  But, being sad-sacks, we simply don’t stay up that late.  (My daughter gets up at seven every morning.  Cara works Sundays.  We didn’t hire the nanny.  What was I supposed to do?  Plus, one of us had to drive.  You shut up!)

We tried to find out the name of the wine they were serving, but the waiter couldn’t understand why we would want to know the name of the wine.  Cabernet … something.  It was delicious.  That’s all that matters.

The next day, Megan had a photo shoot so I took the role of chef.

On the Menu: Honey Roasted Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks, Roasted Vegetables, Gingerbread Cake with Lemon Sugar Frosting (by Megan)

Being on a budget is an interesting challenge in the kitchen.  You have to find a group of ingredients that will go well together without seeming meagre.  I find that chicken breasts are commonly over-priced (and over-used) and the thighs and legs are the tastier parts of the bird, anyway.

Coat the bottom of your roasting tray with olive oil.  (Megan and I are addicted (literally) to basil-infused olive oil.  It adds a hint of basil to everything without becoming the salient flavour.)  Dredge the skin-side of your chicken pieces through the oil then place them, skin up, on the tray.  Salt and pepper generously.  Coat in honey.  Crush dried rosemary and sprinkle.  Roast in the oven for an hour at 200°C.

For the vegetables, repeat the same steps in a separate roasting, tray but without coating the vegetables in oil.  Instead, break 250mg of unsalted butter into knobs and place them around the roasting tray.  Roast them with the chicken for the same amount of time.

You’re welcome.

Wine: Casal Garcia, Vinho Verde, Portugal, 2010, $138 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

This is a really fun, novel wine.  Lots of effervescence gives it a bubbly character without the carbonation of Prosecco or Champagne.  Just enough to make it interesting.  (This wine would go very well with gelato.)  Originally purchased by Megan because of the label, we were expecting the worst, but we were very happily surprised when we tasted it.  On the semi-sweet side, it would make a fantastic summer wine.

We moved onto dessert at this point and opened the second bottle of the evening.

Wine: Concha y Toro, Sendero, Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay, D.O. Valle Central, Chile, 2010, $79 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

This was a good week for wines.  Concha y Toro is our old standby in the red department due to its consistency and affordability.  This was the first white we’d tried by them, however, and we are pleased to report that it stood up well to its tinto cousins.  Fruity, with apples and peaches and pears.  Slightly acidic, with hints of citrus on the finish, leave your mouth feeling clean, and not over-sweet, as some whites can do.  This wine went perfectly with the dessert that Megan made, since the ginger and the lemon made for  a sweet and sour combination that complimented the wine perfectly.

Thanks to everyone who has been following TSB and sending us email over the last few months.  You are all making this a lot of fun!  On behalf of TSB, we would also like to congratulate Demian and Maria Jose.  We feel truly blessed to have met you both, and we were very touched that you chose to include us in your special day.


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