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Did I Shave My Neck For This?

Super exciting plans for this week: we had been invited to an adults’ apartment with Megan and Rene and we were going to have grownup talk and smoke grownup cigarettes and drink grownup drinks out of stem glasses because nobody will be there to knock them over!  Someone else was going to cook and entertain!  We were stepping out, baby!

Buuuuut … those plans got cancelled, last-minute.  Cara and I stayed home.  Rene and Megan went.  We had been uninvited.  Hearing an Alanis song is one thing; living an Alanis song is another thing entirely.  It’s like, having a sitter and finding out you’re too lame.  So ironical …

I had bought two bottles of white for the occasion, wanting an opportunity to share the wine at leisure, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.  Maybe sit out on a balcony, talking about the finer points of fencing, enjoy a cigar.  But no.  Not to be.  What was to be?  Just the three of us.  At home.  Alone.  Unloved.  (Sniff … sniff …)  And after I shave my neck and everything!

So, we had a Norton-Patik kinda dinner.  Cara made Apple Crumble.  I made leftovers.  (My specialty.)  Cara wasn’t feeling well, so the wine was all mine (a winning combination).  Truth be told, Cara wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.  Which means that I wouldn’t have been able to go.  But, guilting family via the interweb?  Irresistable!

Highlight of the night?  Caia going ape-shit over this new book that we got her.  It has these magnets that look like Disney characters and it sticks onto the pages.  She would run over to me, screaming, flailing the book around in the air, the magnets going everywhere.  Then she would pick them up, turn to run to mommy, fall down with aplomb, pick herself up, jump into mommy’s lap, screaming at the magnets.  Adorable.

On The Menu: Leftovers With Chicken and Rice, Apple Crumble With Custard

The secret to making great leftovers is to reheat the contents of the Tupperware very carefully.  Too hot, and they get over-cooked, giving the leftovers a burnt taste.  Too cool and you get chunks of ice in your dinner.  If you are going to “cut” your leftovers with additional ingredients, be sure to include several ingredients from your spice rack so that it tastes like something.  I would suggest nine.

Cara’s Crumble was awesome.  The thing I like about Cara’s baking is that she keeps things simple so that you can really enjoy the flavours.  That, and her ability to balance the ingredients so that the finished products taste right.  Not too floury, for instance.  The hot crumble mixed with the hot custard, the tastes and textures blending incredibly.

She is truly gifted in the bakery.

Wine: Rosemount Diamond Label, Traminer Riesling, 2008, $205 MXN
Rating: One Bottle

This is a tricky little wine.  I am not quite sure how I feel about it.  At first, I really liked it, then I didn’t.  Then I did again.  Then I was out of love once more.  At first, it’s very pleasant — sweet, but Traminer Riesling, so … Has a very soft flavour: peaches and vanilla.  Where it fell down for me was in the finish.  A little cloudy.  Sometimes it had a very subtle finish; sometimes quite sharp.  Cara had a sip and said that “At first it tastes like swill, then it doesn’t.”  I agreed, but then the next sip would taste really good at first, then finish like swill.  It was weird.  Like fighting a clown.  You keep expecting him to start crying, but he doesn’t.  You punch him in the face, and he goes down, his nose bleeding.  Then, just when you start to feel sorry for him, he gets up pulling red hankies out of his mouth.  Bastard! you scream.  Why won’t you DIE??  Then he does that clown sad face thing which makes you shiver.

In a pinch, I could see buying this wine again, but I wouldn’t want to fight that clown ever again.*  He freaks me out.

Next week, I’m going to review a wine called White Truck.  The label is rad.  It’s a truck.  On a bottle of wine!  (Right?)

Till then,


*It must be said, for my mother’s benefit, that I did not drink the entire bottle to myself.  In fact, there is still more than half the bottle still in our fridge, mom.

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