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The Meaning of Easter: Pizza Pot Pie and Bready Quiche

So, here was my day yesterday.

Drove Cara to work.  Caia was playing with some coins (please don’t judge us, we try our best, it will never happen again) until she started asking where her coins went, which I couldn’t find, which I enquired about, to which Caia responded “My mouth,” to which I asked, “You mean: you ate them?” to which she replied, “Yes.”  Checked her car seat.  No coins.  Sheepish daughter looked away, sheepishly, and said, “My mouth.”  Called the doctor.  The doctor told me that unless the coins were blocking her airway, she’ll be fine, and eventually poop them out.  BUT … we’ll have to check to make sure they all come out.  Check her poop for coins.  All of her poop.  For all of the coins.  It’s like the worst Pirates of the Caribbean movie ever.  Pirates of the Caribbean 9: Four Brown Coins.  Cara called the daycare to let them know what was going on.  Daycare called me at lunch to ask me to pick up our daughter, as they were worried that the coins might be lost in her chest somewhere.  And somehow.  Despite explaining to the owner of the daycare that the digestive and respiratory systems are not connected, she was too worried about the coins finding their way into Caia’s lungs to let her stay at daycare.  I picked Caia up and was advised to take my two-year-old to get a chest X-Ray.  All of my strength, I swear, not to call another adult names in front of my daughter.  (At least she didn’t advise me to put her in an MRI.)  Drove home.  Cara got stuck at work and wouldn’t be home when she thought she would, which meant that I was stuck at home.  Took the dogs for a walk with a toddler who has now taken to hitting daddy in the face whenever it pleases her.  Put Caia in her car seat to pick up Cara.  Caia starts asking “Where’s my money?” and checking her seat for it.  Thought bubble, “What if the coins fell in between the seats and are on the floor somewhere.  Pull car seat apart, lift, and discovered Barbossa’s treasure. (Thank. God.)  Got back to work around four.  Stayed till six-thirty trying to catch up.  Ran out of time to post.

My apologies.

This past week was Easter.  We hope you found someway of enjoying it with friends and family.

We decided to follow in our tradition of untraditional Easter meals with two dishes that seemed destined to compete for our attentions – Pizza Pot Pie and Bready Quiche.

The original title of this post was going to be “Easter Deathmatch!  Pizza Pot Pie vs. Bready Quiche!  Two Dishes Enter, One Dish Leaves …” but then I realised that no dishes would be leaving, so the post would be starting off with a lie, and an “Easter Deathmatch” sounded too Roman.

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with The Silver Palate Cookbook, you should.  Filled with useful, everyday recipes, as well as cunning twists on old standards, it’s a must-have in any kitchen.

That’s where we found the recipe for Pizza Pot Pie. This is an event as this was the first baking attempt on my part that’s ever gone according to plan: I made the dough myself.  (Therefore, the recipe was brilliant!)

If you’re a baker, you’re laughing at me right now.  Deservedly.

If you’re not, then you are right to tremble before my Awesome.

Anyway, the food …

On the Menu: Berry Salad, Bready Quiche, Pizza Pot Pie, Lemon Squares, Easter Cookies (Decorated by Rene)

Bready Quiche is what I call it, even though it probably has a much more authentic-sounding name.  Basically, it’s quiche, but with bread instead of pastry as a crust.  Megan made it.  It’s one of her specialities.  It was awesome.  Slap a little hot sauce on there and you almost feel like you’re in Montréal.

The Pizza Pot Pie is super fun.  All the fixins of a pizza … only inverted!  What?!?  The crust is on the top?  What?!?

Megan’s salads are always awesome.  Spinach with goat cheese.  Blueberries and watermelon.  Raspberry vinaigrette.  Shallots.  Delicious.

We were so happy with our wine slushies the last time, we decided to salute the Saviour with another round.  This time, we used a slightly bubbly wine to see how that worked out for us.

It worked out fine.

With dinner, we went more traditional and had red.

Wine: Punta de Flechas, Compagnie Vinicole Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Malbec, 2010, Argentina, $195 MXN
Rating: One Bottle

A little young and a little closed to really enjoy this Argentine red.  Hints of juniper and roses with a sharp finish.  We were eating pizza, however, so it wasn’t the entirely wrong wine to be drinking.  It just could have been a little better.

With dessert we had a treat, as Wendy had brought down some late harvest wine.

Wine: Quail’s Gate, Optima Late Harvest, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada, 2009, $29.99 CAD
Rating: Three Bottles

I love Quail’s Gate.  I always have.  When I was in restaurants, I made sure that, if it was available, we had at least one bottle from Quail’s Gate on our menu.

This late harvest is a triumph.  Buttery toffee coats your mouth and honey is left on your tongue.  Then, vanilla and peaches greet you so you hardly even notice the ice creamy notes behind them.

It’s like drinking pie.

There is a slightly acidic finish that can catch you in the back of the throat, but when something is this sweet, it’s to be expected, and it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment.

If you like dessert wines (ice wine, late harvest, etc.) then this is a wine you should definitely try.  Considering we were having lemon squares, this was a very nice pairing.  Megan and I were trying to figure out what to make for dessert.  I mean, what goes with Pizza Pot Pie and Bready Quiche?  Lemon tarts?  No: Lemon squares.  Were they good?  Well, there were about half left when it was time to actually serve dessert.  I literally had to stop looking at them, as I was eating one every time I passed the plate.

She also made some Easter cookies that were decorated by Rene.  We all complimented him on the fine job he did, too.  All by himself!  Impressive.




Next week, no delays.  Just Pulitzer-winning material.

(Do they give Pulitzers for blog content?)


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