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Vanner and the Tabatha Bull

Something that we find amazing about the interweb is its capacity to bring people together.  People from disparate lives, completely removed from each other, can connect via a computer box and a Wee-Fee hook-up.  The future is now, friends.

This was a week that will live forever in infamy.  Quick wrap-up: Cara and Rene saved a dog after a hit and run, who is now living alternately between our living room and Megan and Rene’s backyard, depending on how badly she disgraces herself in our kitchen. I put on a comedy show that had zero people show up to see it, and it was for charity!  Our bank has decided to change the guidelines for our mortgage … before we’ve finished closing … what else … my friends Vanessa and Tabatha had a wine and cheese party and when they were on their third bottle of the night, they told me that TSB inspired them to open it!  Which was nice.  Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than inspiring friends far away to drink.

I tend to have that affect on people.

Noting the shit-sandwich of a week we had, Megan took the meal preparation on herself.  Thank God for small miracles.

On The Menu: Chicken Soup with Pasta Shells, Butter Lettuce Salad with Cucumbers and Shaved Parmesan, Garlic Bread, Caramel Chocolate Brownies with Custard

Delicious.  Warming.  Homey.  Needed.  This was a meal that we all ate with appreciation for the small things and for someone else doing it for us.  Caia particularly liked the brownies.  A lot.  We are discovering the joys of sugar-rushes.  And screaming.  And chasing deaf cats around the house and screaming.  And screaming at deaf cats.

Screaming …

And with screaming toddlers must go wine.

Wine: Château du Barail, Bordeaux, France, 2009, $134.99 MXN

Rating: Two-and-a-Half Bottles

Black currant, rosemary, and lavender dominate this lovely little French number, but there are also hints of juniper berries (gin), peppermint (mojitos), and watercress (sake martini).  (I’ve discovered that it’s easier for me to put my finger on flavours in the I’m drinking if I think about what OTHER drinks they remind me of.  Instead of pinpointing actual flavours.  Don’t judge me: you love it.)

The Barail is an earthy wine.  It tastes like an autumn night, dry leaves on the lawn, maybe a light rain … let’s put on a fire, you say … Better yet, let’s have a bon fire!  Let’s!  Yes!  This wine would go great with smores! someone shouts.  Settle down, someone suggests.  But you guys got excited …  Yeah, but you got excited about smores.  Actually, I get excited about smores, too.  So do I.  Me too.  Fine … “Go Smores” on three.  Ready?  (One, two, three …) Gooooooooooo … SMORES!!

Wine: 35 Sur, Reserva, Carmenère, Valle de Maule y Rapel, Chile, 2009, $148 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

Fruity, but with a bite.  (But a gentle bite.  A baby bite.  Like a baby vampire who’s not really “into” drinking your blood, but just does it for the comfort.)

Also, salty.  Sweet and salty.  A much less complex wine then the Barail, but a nice wine, nonetheless.  Perfect bottle of wine for a night where you don’t want to have to think too much about what you’re drinking, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Instead, we talked about evolution: fact or faked?  Is evolution an undisputed truth, in and of itself, or is there intelligent design at work?  Is there a God, for that matter?  If so, was the World created in seven days, like it says in the Bible, and if so, why aren’t there dinosaurs in the Bible?  Also, how much more awesome would the Bible be  had there were dinosaurs in it?  (On a scale of one to ten.)  Also, would Jesus have had pet dinosaurs?  Instead of disciples?  The apostles would have to stay, that’s a given, since dinosaurs are lousy public speakers, but would dinosaur have eaten Judas for betraying Jesus?  And if so, could it be velociraptors?  And could they hunt Judas down in the desert, using their Spielbergian intelligence to trick Judas into a blind alley, where he would be cornered, toyed with, and finally dispatched?  Also, couldn’t a “day” in the Bible actually be as long as God wanted it to be, as they point out in Inherit the Wind?  Like, say, four-and-a-half billion years?  Also, who would win in a fight between a velociraptor and a Tabatha Bull?

My money’s on the bull.

Next week, TSB goes to a wedding!  Who’s memories will be ruined by our attendance?  Read next week to find out …


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