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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Apologies, etc., etc. …







I haven’t posted in weeks and that is totally on me.

I’m a shit.

I beg your forgiveness.

Here’s what you missed …

We had friends dine with us, Caia got bratty, and I quit my job.  That’s really it.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but here it is in vivid Technicolor detail …



As you can see here in this photo, there was a chicken pot pie which was delicious.  There was also a cheesecake brownie, and other things that I am too tired to describe.

We also drank wine.

It was alright.



Here are other pictures …

These people all were there.

They read things and spoke on phones.

If you don’t believe me, LOOK AT THE FUCKING PHOTOS.


It’s 2:30(ish) in the morning and I am tired.

I promise I’ll be better in the future.

(I promise I’ll be good.)

Don’t … you know … STOP emailing me?

But the threats?

I have a family!

(Thank you for the threats.)

(I feel loved.)


Kristen Stewart knows how I feel.

She and I are soul mates.

(Sorry, Cara.)

(You KNEW this storm was comin’.)

(You knew Kristen and I were destined to be together.)

( … )

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