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Happy St. Patrick’s Day … Sort of …

Okay, gang, I have the flu, so don’t expect Pulitzer-worthy material from me today.

Here’s the rundown: St. Patrick’s Day came and went with a whinny and a whimper.  Rene came over in the afternoon to hang out, I bought the last four Guinness in Playa del Carmen, we drank none of the Jameson’s that I bought (well … I did after he went home …), we called it a night at about seven in the evening.

Yes, I know, my Irish ancestors are calling me a pussy from their graves, but what can you do?

The next day, I ignored the tell-tale flu-like symptoms that were wracking my body.  I went to the grocery store, bought some supplies for the night, and hightailed it home.  I skipped my Sunday haircut, since my favourite stylist moved back to Guadalajara and I don’t trust people with scissors easily.

So far so crap, right?

Megan and I had decided to make a St. Patrick’s Day-themed dinner.  So, not necessarily lamb stew and soda bread, but something along those lines.  (Okay, nothing along those lines, but those ingredients are really hard to find down here, so bite me.  I’m sorry guys, I’m just grumpy.  Friends?  Nice.)

I bought cake mix and food colouring.  My idea was to make a green cake that Megan would supply with green icing.  I got home, made the batter, put it in the oven … Taking into account all of the failed attempts I’ve made at baking, I was really happy with myself.  So far, no problems.  I even improvised a bit and added Jameson’s to the batter to give it a more Irish taste.

What’s that, you ask?  How did it turn out?  Actually, really well.  Except that I forgot the food colouring.  Oh well.  Next year.

On the Menu: Angel Hair Pasta with Veggies and Pesto, Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Jameson’s Butter Reduction, Fried Green Tomatoes, Artisanal Bread, Jameson’s Irish Vanilla Cake with Bailey’s Icing

Yep.  Bailey’s Icing.  Jameson’s in the cake, Bailey’s in the icing.  (I’m pretty sure that’s an actual Irish drinking song.)

The chicken with the Jameson’s Butter Reduction was for Rene.  He doesn’t care for pesto, or vegetables, so we made a dish especially for him.  He loved it.  We were chuffed.

Did we overdo it on the Jameson’s this week?  Well, we didn’t drink any, so I don’t think so.  Also, what did your St. Patrick’s Day look like, Judgy Judgerson?

(Skip ahead … skip ahead … skip ahead …)

So the cake … it turned out looking like a giant doughnut, since we shaved chocolate on the top and ate it and it was awesome and you could totally taste the Jameson’s and my baking didn’t ruin Christmas!

Plus, the wine we picked was perfect for this meal.

Wine: Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Pinot Grigio, California, $77 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

This is one of the easiest wines you will ever have the pleasure of drinking.  Perfect for warm summer nights, pasta, chicken, or even Mexican dishes.  The lightness and subtle acidity goes really nicely with spicier foods.

Green apples and hints of peaches leave your palette feeling refreshed.  Not too sweet, but definitely not dry, this wine would make and absolutely smashing spritzer.  Or white wine slushy.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got.  Me head is pounding and I canna feel me hands!

Until next week,



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  1. Yikes, feel better!!! Get out in the sunshine! It cures all illnesses. Or is that just my Winter New England bias?!?

    • No, no … sunshine is pretty good as a “cure-all” … Of course, it’s a slightly discombobulating feeling, having a cold and being in the warmth. It also robs you of the lying under blankets and drinking hot beverages part of the flu.

      Tequila and blankets … hmmmm …


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