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Happy Valentimes Day!

While we didn’t have a specifically Valentine’s Day dinner, it was certainly a love affair with food.  A torrid, hurtful affaire, filled with misunderstandings and deliberately abusive language.  Also, with wonderful, dizzying highs.  Moments of sheer infatuation.  Then, the drinking and the screaming and yelling.  Then, the make-up sex.*  An affair, in short, to remember.

Being that I had such a hellish week with my new workout schedule (oh the pain, the pain of it all), I thought it would be nice to reward myself and everyone who had to listen to my bitching this last week (“my arms hurt, why do my arms hurt … wahhhh”) with a treat: beer-battered deep-fried veggies with dipping sauce.  Were people pleased?  Yes.

Unfortunately, it took us a lot longer to get through the mountain of veggies that I had prepped than we had planned for, and I forgot all about the chicken in the oven, and so the result was very dry chicken.  Still tasty, just … really dry.

On the Menu: Beer-Battered Deep-Fried Eggplant, Mushrooms, and Orange Bell Peppers with a Dill and Onion Cream Dipping Sauce, White Cabbage Coleslaw, Over-Cooked Dry Chicken in a Petrified Tomato Sauce with Charred Garlic Remnants, Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Joseph and I teamed up once again to prep dinner.  He made a coleslaw that was outstanding.  No mayo, so it doesn’t hit your stomach like so many other coleslaws I know.  The deep-fried veggies were amazing.  The batter fluffed up wonderfully, and there wasn’t that greasy feeling that you sometimes get with fried foods.

The chicken was unfortunate.  There was a sullen silence that hit the table when they began eating their tiny, poultry abominations.  (Think Christmas Vacation, the turkey scene.)  Genreally speaking, people oughtn’t gargle at the table.  It’s usually taken as a bad sign.

Oh well: you win some, you blew some.

The red wine cake was unbelievable.  It was spongy and springy.  The flavour was velvety and rich, but without being so intense that you felt like you needed anything to go with it.  It was remarkable on its own.  Our hats were off to Megan.

At one point, I asked Cara how you spell “spicy” (with an ‘e’ or without) to which she replied, “I’ve noticed your spelling is getting bad – I can help you with that.”  At first I took offense, in the way that one takes offense when someone speaks to them in an offhandedly condescending way, but then when other people started chiming in that they’ve noticed spelling errors throughout most of my posts, I just chalked it up to a humble ending to a humiliating week.  (Not being able to pull your own clothes on or off under your own power because you did “exercise” has a dejecting effect on you.)

So I decided to drink my blues away.  Only, I’m not allowed that much alcohol on my new diet plan, so I changed my intentions, and decided to critique-wine my blues away.

Wine: Balance, Pinotage Shiraz, South Africa, 2011, $100 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

What a fun wine.  Fruity and very … er … balanced.  Cara insists that I tell you that it is, “Well-rounded … like an elephant!” So there you have it.  I would have to say that it reminds you of an orchard on account of the different ripened fruit flavours present as well as a crispness that kind of reminds you of autumn.

Also, for the price?  Come on!  Under ten bucks for a South African wine that is actually good?  Forget about it …

Fearing the night failing us, we quickly got to the main event.

Wine: Mt. Boucherie, Merlot, Kelowna, BC, Canada, 2007, $25 CAD
Rating: Two-and-a-Half Bottles

Leathery and oaky, this SPICY little number was a gift from Megan’s mom, Susan, a sometime commenter on TSB.  (Actually, after me, she has made the most comments out of all our readers.)  What was so great about this wine was the hints of chocolate that we could taste.  It reminded us of Megan’s cake that we ate earlier.  Ah, nostalgia …

However, we also tasted Juniper berries, which was a lovely little surprise.  It gave the wine a little more character than the merlots we’ve had in the past.

In other news, this week we received the prestigious Liebster Blog Award from our friends at Cook and the Fly, and our article on Demian Fuentes was recently reposted on Playa Maya News.

Not too shabby …

Until next week,

















* Please note: we do not make love to our food.


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  1. Could you pass me the recipe for the chicken, please ? ; )
    I know cooks who would swear that it should be exactly like that!
    Always reading your reviews withgusto.

    • The recipe is a closely guarded family secret. The drying out of the chicken breasts is an age-old, Norton trick, passed down from generation to generation.

      Also, since I’m fairly certain you are being facetious, I am protecting myself with scintillating wit and inimitable charm.

      (If you seriously want the recipe, let me know. It really is good, if you stay the chicken from its flash point.)


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