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Don’t You Die On Me Mojo … Not Today!! Not You!!

So Mojo didn’t turn on and I am updating you via iPad. We are taking Mojo to a specialist downtown and we are told he is very good. Failing that, we will be seeking help from alternative medicine.

There is a faint green light from the AC adapter, and it both fills be with hope and sickens me at the same time. It feels like the beep of a heart monito when someone is on life support.

I have been told that, if nothing else, the data will be salvageable, but I feel like people are telling me that I’ll be ready to play next season. Then they take my parents into the next room. I can see them talking, and my mother is crying, but I just can’t wait to be scoring touchdowns next year! I’ll be a SENIOR then! Girls will all want to be with me, and I’ll be the quaterback and …

Please: pray for Mojo.



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  1. Marco Della Motta

    May Steve Jobs look down on Mojo from high above and bless him, be he a PC or a Mac. Rest assured that Mojo will be in my thoughts. Fingers crossed.

    • Thank you, Marco, for your kind words. Mojo is a Mac and so I hope Steve hears your prayers.

      • Marco Della Motta

        Evidently and sadly, Steve did not hear my prayers. Presumably, the bastard must be working on a karmic plan to get his ass back to this plane of existence and resume his place at the helm of Apple. Nirvana can wait. He’ll get there on his own terms and when he’s good and ready for ambition knows no limits.

        And more importantly, sorry to hear about Mojo’s passing. That fuckin’ blows. What matters now is the retrieval of the precious data. The computer handymen can salvage that, can’t they?

      • Yes. I am told they can retrieve the data. That’s the most important thing. That, and never trust water bottles. Ever.

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