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Pray … for … Mojo …

Today’s post will be delayed inevitably due to my computer taking a bath.

It is amazing to me that, in these technologically advanced days, something as simple as a plastic ring on a reusable water bottle can completely destroy a life’s work.  (That’ll teach me for trying to be Green.)

We’ll see if the computer can be saved.  Failing that, we’ll see if I can salvage the hard drive.  Failing THAT, I will lose the following:

  • The final edit of the novel I’ve been writing for twelve years.
  • The directory for Cara’s company tallying over five-thousand properties and over four years worth of work.
  • Countless photos from years of family vacations, get-togethers, and outings.

But … there is no sense worrying about what hasn’t happened for sure yet

In the meantime: Pray for Mojo.



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