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New Pots!

So, I guess I’m psychic.  Last week, I sent out an email update with a subject line that read: “New Pots!”  I got some really helpful emails from some of our readers, too.  (I’m being sarcastic.  You all suck.)

This week, I was to make risotto.  I like risotto.  It’s delicious.  It’s like savoury rice pudding.  It makes me happy to eat it.  But there is a good lesson to be learned, and that is this: if you buy cheap pots, your risotto will burn and you will get mad at your garbage can and you will kick it.  (Which, incidentally, is the name of a sitcom I am working on.)

So, my starchy bonanza was a bust.  I did get dubbed “King of the Cream Sauce” (which, incidentally, is the name of a male oriented movie I’m … and so on, and so on …).

So, I threw out that damn pot, and yes, I did mutter “Out, damn’d pot! out, I say!” maniacally to myself.

On the Menu: Chicken Spaghetti in a Tomato and White Wine Cream Sauce, No Risotto with Dill and Tomato

Megan and Rene pulled twelve hour days again this week and Cara was hard at work at her new job, learning the ropes, hauling tours, and just being awesome in general.  This Sunday, though, Megan and I would have the whole day to leisurely cook, sip wine, and make fools of ourselves.  And we needed it.  It’s been a long couple of weeks and we were really looking forward to a grownup day.  I hired the nanny so Caia would be looked after.  It was all planned out.

Then she got a call from a friend that his mom had fallen at a resort here in Playa and had broken her arm, shattered her wrist, and dislocated her elbow.  She needed surgery.  She was travelling alone.  Could Megan go sit with her when in the Recovery Room.  Hurt lonely friend’s mom trumps boozy afternoon.

Awesome times a billion.

Megan requested risotto as she ran out the door.  I was going to kick that risotto’s ass.  Then I remembered that I was a stupid and bought the cheapest pot in the world with the thinnest bottom and the stupidest shade of blue.  Honestly: who wants a robin’s egg blue pot?  It sucks.  Every time I think about it, it sucks more and more.

The chicken spaghetti turned out well, though.  And for the first time, in what seems like forever, we got a pretty nice bottle of wine for the evening.

Wine: Vidal del Saz, Tempranillo, Spain, 2007, $139 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

Soft tannins and wafts of roses make this wine very smooth to drink.  Very mellow and flavourful.  Hints of orange and all spice.  It reminded us of Christmas.  A definite re-buy.  It was just the wine we all needed after a long week.  Plus, it was raining.  Perfect.

Also, the vodka helped.

This week we are getting ready for the wine tasting at Cava Veinte 33.  If you still want to go there are a few spaces left.  Don’t wait too long, though — these things always go fast as the actual date approaches.

This Saturday, September 17, at 1:30pm.

Until then,



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  1. so what happened to the pics? i am reading this on my new macbookpro, megan assures me the pictures will be many times better than on my old pc! enjoyed reading as usual, can’t wait for you to do some stand up comedy when i am there.

    • Ah … the pics. Yes. I meant to hit “Preview” but instead hit “Publish” last night, in the wee small hours of the morning. The pictures are up on the site if you go there. Here. Wherever.

      Yes, the standup thing is going well. Lots of fun. Now I just need to learn some jokes.


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