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Lemony Chicken and The Stupid Bundtdtt Cake Pan

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know how I feel about buntdtddt cake pans.  We don’t get along yet.  I don’t know what it is about me and baking.  I follow the recipes to the letter and yet they always turn out to be disasters.

What happened was I was using a sub-par bundttdtdddtd cake pan, see?  And when I poured the batter into it and put it in the oven, the batter started seeping out the bottom, causing a molten pancake to form.  I tried to get the bundttdtdd cake pan out of the oven but the damn thing kept threatening to come apart, which would have drained all my pound cake batter into the nooks and crannies of the oven, plus, the towel I was using to hold it was slipping (and getting into the batter) so I had to grab the bundttdtdddtdtt cake pan with my bare hands. “Was it hot?” you might ask.  If lava tasted sweet with just a hint of lemon, then you’d have a general idea of how hot it was.  Was there enough smoke in my house to set off every smoke alarm within a three kilometer radius?  If there were smoke alrams in any of the houses within a three kilometer radius, I’m sure they’d have been singing.

The anger I have felt this past year towards baked goods is not normal.

What can I say: baking is not my forté.  Thank goodness I can still cook.  I have a knack for cream sauces and pastas.  I have a flair for lamb and chicken.  I can sauté the crap out of fish.  I can out-grill your dad on his best day.

Just keep me the fuck away from blintzes and pastries.

This week I was on my own.  Megan and Rene had to be at the bio-desiellery ensuring a better tomorrow for all of us.  Cara worked until the wee hours of the afternoon.  Caia had her fourth swimming lesson.  (She is learning how to kick and hold her breath so that she can put her head beneath the water and also how to hold onto the edge.  Oh, and also how to flirt with the swim instructor.  He’s gay.  Poor thing.  Her first heartbreak.)

Anyway, the culinary duties fell on my shoulders this week.  I bought the wine, made the dinner, (eventually) made the dessert, and everyone was eating on time.  I felt so efficient I swear there were trains in Japan seething with jealousy.

Okay: the wine was terrible.  We’ll review it, anyway.  But this is the first week we didn’t finish any of the bottles.  Actually, it’s the first week we didn’t finish a bottle, period.  (Do we have a problem?)

But first, the food.

On The Menu: Lemon Chicken with Dill in a Lemon Beer Cream Sauce, Dill-Infused Rice, Steamed Asparagus, Lemon Pound Cake with a Lemon Icing Drizzle (sensing a theme?)

There is no greater joy to a cook than to have his guests truly enjoy the meal he prepared for them.  It doesn’t matter if you are a professional chef in a world-class restaurant or an amateur weekend warrior, cooking for your friends and family – the look on their faces as they savour every bite of the food that you made is a hauntingly beautiful feeling.  Gratifying in a way that is difficult to put into words.  So I’ll stop.

Okay …

The ahem … “wine.”

Wine: Montecillo, Crianza, Rioja, 2007, Spain, $159 MXN
Rating: Half A Bottle

There were some redeeming qualities to this wine, which is what saved it from getting a zero bottle rating.  That being said, we cannot recommend that you drink this wine unless you like really musky wine.  If you do, have at ‘er.  Dark fruit doesn’t begin to cover it.  Think fermented prunes.  Plums, yes.  Black cherries, certainly.  But also prunes.  I kept waiting for my bowels to start moving while I drank this wine.

Like I said, we didn’t … check that … couldn’t finish this bottle.  It was just too much.  So, we hoped, in vain, that the second bottle would be better.

Wine: Finca, La Linda, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, Argentina, $154 MXN
Rating: Half A Bottle

Sharp and bitey.  Lots of tannins.  Smoothed out with time, but even with an aerator, this wine kept its tartness.  Maybe if it had been a colder night and we had eaten steak instead of chicken, this wine would have served us better.  Megan said, “It tastes like Red,” and I agreed.  In fact, it tasted like drinking an entire puddle of red, right off the ground, it was that enjoyable.  The salient flavour was RED.

Yeah: didn’t finish this bottle either.  Oh well, some wines you like, some wines make you want to hurt things.

Who knows what next week will bring us?  I do know that two weeks from now will bring us the wine tasting at Cava Veinte 33 and we are running out of space.  If you are in the Playa del Carmen area (or will be on the 17th of September) reserve your spots now.

Also, we fixed the subscription thingy on the top right of the page.  Look up.  That’s it.  There it is!  (Thanks to everyone who alerted us to its unworkingness.  We owe you one.)



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  1. Do you give out recipes? If so, the chicken and pound cake look and sound delicious!


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