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A Tale of Two Quiches

This week was a short one.  Cara and I are in full swing, getting the house furnished and applianced, painted, air conditioned, scraped (don’t ask), and prepped to move in to.  Megan and Rene were running all over hell’s half acres making bio-diesel.  (I’m not joking.)

Megan also had a stressful week so she wanted to, quote: “Bake the SHIT out of it.”

As you were.

Menu: Quiche Lorraine & Quiche with Spinach and Feta

Wonderfully light and fluffy crust.  Megan has a real touch in the kitchen.  Especially when she’s baking mad.  Even Caia enjoyed some quiche.  (Well, she actually enjoyed putting it on one plate, then transferring it back to another plate, then into her mouth.  Then back onto the first plate.  She did eat most of it, eventually.  What do you want from her?  She had two Hello Kitty plates to work with!)

Caia: “Teetee.”

Me: “Are you giving Kitty some Quiche?”

Caia: (not looking up, focussed on the job at hand) “No.”


Caia: (sotto voce) “Teetee.”

Wine: Terrazas de los Andes, Reserva, Malbec, Argentina, 2008, $295 MXN
Rating: One-and-A-Half Bottles

Lots of alcohol and high tannins make this wine a little tart for my taste, but the girls seemed to like it.  (Of course, Megan was drinking to forget, so …)  Plum and cherries with overtones of chocolate.  We all remarked that it was a difficult wine to get to know.  A little closed, but with great appeal to the ladies.  Or as I like to call them: The Pill-Poppin’ Booze Hound Sisters.

We chatted about the future this night.  Changes abound and change is sometimes all we have to rely on.  It was an interesting evening.  The family business is taking off (that’s the bio-diesel part I was referring to) and Cara, the baby, and I are soon to be moving away from the commune.  (We’re moving a three minute drive down the street, but that won’t stop us from getting sentimental about it!  Don’t judge us.)

We quickly finished this bottle and moved on to the second.

Wine: Pigmentum, Malbec, Cahors, Georges Vigouroux, 2008, $140 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

Very smooth and very thick.  This wine looks like red ink as it swirls around your glass which is fitting, since, according to their website, Pigmentum is Latin for “thing that gives colour.”  Rene weighed in on this one (rare) and thought it a totally inoffensive wine.  Very smoky and musky and peppery on the nose.  And then there is a fragrance wafting from the surface of the wine.  Floral, sweet, soft … like perfume.  I think it’s roses (maybe?) or …lilacs?  No wait … it’s lilacs.  Definitely lilacs.

The girls didn’t take to this one quite as much which made absolutely no sense to me.  I think they’re crazy.  Then again, this wine had a lower alcohol per volume content, so that probably weighed heavily in their estimation.

The baby went to bed and the adults spent the rest of the evening watching funny things on the interweb.

That was pretty much it.  Just two bottle this week.  Cara’s back to work now, which means that we’ll probably be getting back up to three or four bottles any given Sunday, since she is a BIG stress drinker.  (She’s going to kill me for this post.  The poor girl: Didn’t know what she was getting into when she met me.)

On a separate note: We are now down to ten spots left for the TSB Event at Cava Veinte 33 on September 17.  Get your request in soon!  At this rate, we’re probably going to be sold out by next week’s post.

Till then,



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  1. Like the description of both wines, what happened to the food pictures? Perhaps burn the shit out of……..
    Look forward to dining 3 min. down the road.

  2. While the tasting of the wines is interesting, I miss the photos and details of the food and the paring with the wine. It would have been cool to see the quiche and presentation (as well as other recent postings). Have you changed the focus to all about the bottles? Maybe a bi-weekly or monthly TSB would work better to give more time, you know, sometimes less is more, just a thought.

  3. Marco Della Motta

    I’ve had the good fortune to taste Pigmentum on a few occasions from different vintages, and I must say it never disappointed. I haven’t tried the 2008 one yet, but I remember them as not only very aromatic but also quite flavourful, a real balance of dark berries, soft tannins, and hints of woodsy fresh herbs like rosemary and sage. Pleasant to drink, to be sure. The Argentines might pride themselves on their Malbecs and their having adopted it as one of their primary varieties, but never forget or underestimate the French.

    • I really enjoyed it, too. And, I was very happy to find a French wine here in Mexico that wasn’t poop.

      As always, Marco, your thoughts on wine are insightful and well-written.

      • Marco Della Motta

        Thanks for the compliment, Craig! I appreciate it! Part of the pleasure in reading a blog like yours–and blogs in general–is the opportunity to interact, to bandy around impressions and opinions, and start a mini-dialogue.

        Since the topic of the post is Malbec, I’d like to recommend an Argentine winery I discovered via the SAQ, that is, unless you’re already familiar with it and its wines. The winery’s name is Alamos. I’ve pasted the link to their site below. I’ve only tried 3 of their reds thus far (Malbec, Cab Sav, and Bonarda) and have been very pleased with them on each occasion. If you’ve tasted some of them, let me know your thoughts. If you haven’t but aim to, let me know just the same once you do!

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