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The Biggest, Baddest (First) TSB Event EVER!!

Okay, y’all, the first ever TSB event is here!  We are inviting 12 of our closest friends to join us at Cava Veinte33, Saturday, September 17, for an exclusive wine tasting with Demian Fuentes.  We will be trying four wines paired with scrumptious treats.  We’ll learn a little about wine and (hopefully) enjoy the company of good friends.

Also, we’ll probably get arrested.

“But wait: how can I be one of the chosen few?”

Good question.  You must be a TSB subscriber to attend this event, so subscribe now or suffer the pain of sitting at home on Saturday, September 17, with an unsatisfied palette and an empty stomach.

Once you’ve subscribed, reply to this post indicating that you would like to attend.

“But wait: what’s the guarantee that I’ll actually show up after I say that I want to attend?”

Good question.  You have to buy a ticket.  Tickets are $400 pesos.

Remember: only 12 TSB subscribers can attend.  Once you have indicated that you would like to attend, you can get your tickets at Cava Veinte33, from Megan, or from me.

The awesomeness will start at 1:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you all (12) there!



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