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Salads For Dinner? Lucky Duck!!

This week, I thought we’d go back to our roots.  You remember: overly elaborate dinners; swearing at food; drunk by seven pm; nobody eating until Wednesday … Our roots!

On The Menu: Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad with Arugula and Cashews; Chicken Caesar Salad

The easiest way to make these salads … is to buy them from Costco.  Yes.  I am sorry, but we spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday shopping for furniture and appliances and if you think that sounds like fun I would like to punch you in the neck.  The finding stuff that you like part is fun.  It’s the finding stuff that you both sort of  like part that starts to get the grumpy juices flowing which is like a fine aperitif for when one of you finds something that they really like that the other person doesn’t care for at all.  Like a faux-vintage clock.  That says “Paris” on it.  That matches the colour scheme for the house perfectly and is over-sized (and has working parts!) and that someone just can’t see is amazing and a total find and costs practically nothing.  Ohhhhhh … but just wait till we are at the buying towels and fake-plants stage.  Then we’ll be hearing a lot of “Whatever: I’m buying it,” followed by tossing the towels or the plastic orchids into the cart only for someone else to be serving a big dish of “Oh I get it: when it’s something that I want, you get to veto it, but if I say no, then we buy it anyway?”  This will be followed by embarrassed looks from store employees and suggestions from the “helper” employee with things like, “Well, why don’t you pick something that you like?” which will be met with “Because it’s not that simple, Fabrizio!”  Finally, after someone making a scene for twenty minutes like a child, Cara will hold the towels in her hand, like she is about to smash someone in the face with them and say “You really feel that strongly about them?”  Then we’ll see who gets to wrinkle his nose and shake his head in that “That Smells” way.  Then we’ll see who wished she had let someone buy his Awesome Clock!

Oh yeah: the salads were okay.

Wine: Lucky Duck, Malbec, Argentina, 2009, Price Unknown (Megan Didn’t Have the Receipt Handy At Time of Drinking)
Rating: Two-And-A-Half Bottles

Cara and Megan loved this wine.  And it’s not hard to tell why: it’s easy to drink, has very low tannins (on the non-ish side), and it tastes like fruit.  Strawberries and cherries with a sweet-tart finish.  This is a very smooth, very simply wine.  A wine you could easily drink anytime without having to think about it.  For my tastes, I did find it a little too simple, but, then again, I get bent out of shape over clocks and towels, so …

To rectify that, I opened the bottle that I’d picked up that day.

Wine: Primus, “The Blend” (Cabernet Sauvignon 46%, Syrah 20%, Carmenere 19%, Merlot 15%), Veramonte, Chile, 2008, $235 MXN
Rating: Two Bottles

(Full disclosure: I picked this wine because it was called “Primus.”  I sang “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” the whole time I was opening the bottle.  And it worked: I opened that bottle so goddamn fast.)

This wine was a little hard to pin down at first and needed to breathe for a while.  A little “closed” as they say.  En parlance.  In French.  Translated back into English.

Heavier tannins than the Lucky Duck, but not so strong that you forget the last time you had a glass of water.  Peppery and black currant on the nose.  A lovely wine.  Perfect for silently judging your fiance’s taste in horlagerie.  Also perfect for making plans on how to surreptitiously buy all of the things you want in your house without your fiance finding out until it’s too late.  Also perfect for trying to figure out how it could be “too late” for her to do anything about your purchases without tying her up or maiming her.  Also perfect for making you think that you are a master criminal who is hell-bent on buying home decor.  Mwah-ha-ha, indeed.

Later this week: Exclusive Wine Tasting Announcement in Playa del Carmen.  Only open to TSB subscribers, so get on it, y’all!

Till then,



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  1. Ahh the young and foolish, You still think you can win, that is so … how would a woman put it? ah yes cute. The clock sounds nice. I use to buy stuff like that when I lived in Canada with my first wife. I still have the stuff.
    The Argentina,Lucky Duck,Malbec, I have tried and didn’t like, I found it too fruity.
    Kinda like a fruity kool aid with a shot of vodka.
    The Primus I don’t know, but I will try it.
    But hey I still like the clock

    • See? Andrew gets it! I think I am going to start to build a following of the Clock. Who wants Clock? It’s a big Clock, for all you size queens out there.

      Yes, the Duck is a little fruity, and it wasn’t my favourite, either, but there is no arguing with a wine that your fiance likes to drink without noticing how many glasses she’s had.

      Maybe that’s why it’s called Lucky Duck!

  2. Fyi, Lucky Duck may have just leaped to 3 bottles as I have located the receipt. To be honest I didn’t even look at the price in the store, because who can resist a duck in a HAT on the label? Really who can resist that? And it was called Lucky Duck, Brilliant, is what that is. Apparently however what it really means is how unbelievably lucky you are to have found a wine that tasty for……………………wait for it…………………………………………60 pesos. I am not even kidding. I am buying 6 more bottles today. Seriously what is that like just under $5 Canadian. Are you kidding me? The glass must cost more than that. Score! People go and try a bottle you will not be disappointed. And if you are? Well you are out less than the price of a movie ticket. So there.

    • It’s kind of an underground phenom in the States. Places are selling out of this little fowl.

      At four bucks a duck, who can argue with that?

      Damn … I think I just came up with a marketing campaign! “It’s like, Four Bucks A Duck! Wine kicks ASS!!” (Air guitars with his buddies on the way to the Pantera concert.)

      Annndddd … scene.

  3. Marco Della Motta

    An Argentine Malbec named “Lucky Duck”, eh? I’d expect such a gimmicky name from the Aussies or the Americans (Bonny Doon Vineyard have some wacky ones) but not from the Argentines. That said, I’m more surprised than disappointed. Given you endorse it as a fruity, easy-to-drink wine, I’d try it. Otherwise, I’d be skeptical based on the name alone. Does that make me a snob? Mind you, a wine’s name doesn’t have to have either “Chateau” or “Castel” or a Latin term or to quote a Renaissance poet for me to buy it or much less just try it.

    • Well, the funny thing about this wine is that it’s grown in Argentina, but it’s bottled in California. Kind of like Little Penguin, I think.

      • Marco Della Motta

        Holy shit! Are you serious? Oh man, too funny! It seems like a lot of trouble to go to in order to bottle it. I could understand bottling it in Chile, Uruguay, or even Brazil, but California? Sometimes I really don’t understand the way the (wine) world works.

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