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Fuck White Truck

Sorry, mom, for the profane opening, but you know how I love things that rhyme.

I know that we said that we were going to review White Truck Chardonnay this week but something even more exciting came up.  Megan and I got a chance to interview Demian Fuentes, owner and operator of La Cava Veinte 33, the fantastic and dynamic wine bar and restaurant.

Living down here in Mexico, there is a real surge in wine appreciation which tickles us to no end, and restauranteurs like Demian are at the vanguard of this surge.  With a burgeoning high-end tourism segment here in Playa del Carmen, having restaurants like La Cava is important, now more than ever.

We’re going to post this incredible interview on Tuesday, so get your anticipation hats on, have your glasses at the ready, and be prepared to tuck in as we take you with us on a three-hour-tour of a three wines from the cellars at La Cava Veinte 33.

(In writing this, I nearly wrote “wine bar cum restaurant,” as in the Latin word meaning “with.”  However, telling people that there is a fantastic cum restaurant in town might attract a different, albeit no less sophisticated, clientele than Demian is going after.  Again, mom, I’m so sorry.)


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  1. lol looking forward to the interview potty mouth


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