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TSB On the Road In London, UK

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well it is sunday somewhere isn’t it? no wait that’s hours not days. i blame it on jet lag and the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol. no wait that is definitely the jet lag as i cannot name the artist who does that song, but i do know glee does it.  Anyways……. had a fantastic meal and of course enjoyed some wine. no photos of that either i am afraid as i was too busy snarfling food into my mouth Patik style. Nevermind….had dinner at Butcher @ Leadenhall (Leadenhall originally built 1411). A fabulous place to grab a great bite if in London. Specializing in organic, free range meets of local English origin, they make fantastic British food, cooked of course, by an Italian. Looking for something substantial we gave up on the pubs which were so full that on average 80 people were having their drink standing outside in front of the pub! and not because they were smoking…nope can’t smoke it the covered areas of Leadenhall but because the inside was as full as that as well. it had about given up and thought to leave the area but saw the menu at Butcher and thought it sounded yummy.

on the menu: one british beef burger with cheese thank you very much, served with pickles, salad, fries and all the super spicy english mustard you can handle.
so yummy. the best i have had that i didn’t make myself. Rene had the minute steak and frites served with béarnaise. The beef in a word, excellent. to wash all this down a few glasses of this

Tempranillo, Candidato 2010. Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, Spain.
cost: 4 pound 50 a glass (you do the exchange I’m on vacation)
rating: 3 bottles. (so not kidding. Rene thinks that it is a pleasant wine)

So this is what the restaurant had to say about it ….showing raspberries and a slight creaminess on the finish.
I would certainly not call it slight. this wine was so acidity. you could taste the raspberries but the bouquet was misleading  Rene expected pepper where there was none. I felt that the wine was robust enough for me for a good summer wine. It was not at all heavy and frankly it went superbly with my burger. And before I hear about how you can’t have burgers and wine….all I have to say if you should try the burger. It deserved red wine. also they had no Guinness on the menu.

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