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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Cheers, Sláinte, Salud, and Cheers.

We are pleased to begin our journey around the world by glass raft.  Our aim is to seek the inner truths hidden at the bottom of every bottle of red, white, or rosé.

Every Sunday night we get together as a family and enjoy dinner and wine.  We share the cooking and cleaning duties, we talk, we dream, and we harshly judge the wines we drink.  Some are great, some are plonk, most fall somewhere in between.

The problem is, we rarely pay attention to what we are drinking after we’ve finished drinking it.  Not surprisingly, we often forget that we banned particular bottles due to their lacklustre performances.  But, a few weeks later, there we are again, sucked in by the pretty pretty labels, sucking back the same cheek-spasming swill, each of us making mental notes not to ever buy the same stuff again.

The other problem is, if one goes down badly, we generally need another one to get rid of the awful taste left in our mouths by the first one.  This, generally, puts the salient details of the first bottle out of our minds.  Like, the name, say.

So, this brings us to today.  While walking up and down the aisles of our local Costco, M thought that a Wine Book would be a great idea.  My girlfriend that night, while giving our selection a thorough thumbs down, thought that we should blog it.  M being a fantastic photographer, and me being a lazy lazy writer.

And so, we have chosen to bring to you our modest findings as it concerns the vinum.  We have no idea what shape this all will take, but we have come up with a few guidelines.

First, we must drink at least two bottles each Sunday.  Otherwise, this site would be a damn lie.

Second, we must have a foolproof system for rating what we drink.  So, our system goes as follows:

0 Bottles: Yuck.  Plonk.  Wouldn’t drink it again if it would save my entire family from snakes.

1 Bottle: Meh.  Pfuh.  In a pinch … Smuh.

2 Bottles: A fine wine.  Truly drinkable.  A definite rebuy.

3 Bottles: Yum yum, gimme some!  Even M’s husband would drink this!  Yay grapes!

Got it?  Good.

We’ll also tell you what we ate it with that night.  We know nothing about such things as pairings or sommeliering, nor will we pretend to.  But, let’s face it: anybody who is a sommelier went to school and such and doesn’t need to read anything we write unless it is in mockery of our spelling and airs.

So, sit back, uncork yourselves, and join us in a journey we’re all likely to forget in the morning.



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